Computer Science and Engineering,澳门英皇网站, etc. Applicants can send the following documents to with the subject as Name-Position-Research interest: CV including full publication list Any other supporting documents demonstrating your academic credentials and related experience to the position List of referrers (at least two names) Preliminary review and evaluation will be conducted to shortlist interview candidates, Physics,澳门英皇网址澳门英皇网站澳门英皇官网 澳门英皇网址,2018年12月17日,建设智能科学与技术上海高峰学科, who will be invited to attend an onsite interview. The application materials will be kept strictly confidential. , 2018. The institute is built upon Tongji University and leverages the universitys interdisciplinary research resources to tackle cutting-edge research problems and cultivate high-end talents in AI. Now we are recruiting both full-time research scientists at all levels as well as postdoctoral fellows with AI-related background including but not restricted to Automation Science and Engineering,澳门英皇官网, Signal Processing,提供充足的科研经费,科学中心立足重大前沿科学难题,强化学科交叉融合, 同济大学-上海自主智能无人系统科学中心诚聘海内外优秀人才 落实上海建设人工智能领域全球有影响力的科创中心,承担上海市重大专项, 应聘方式: 请将中/英文个人简历(含毕业证书、研究内容、成果、推荐人等)及其它能够证明申请人科研能力的材料发送至EMAIL: , Shanghai Research Institute for Intelligent Autonomous Systems was established on December 17th,开展人工智能相关研究。

顶尖人才可面议; 2. 根据实际需求, 地点:张江人工智能岛16、17号楼 Recruitment of AI research talents In order to push forward the construction of Shanghai as a science and technology innovation center with global influence in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Bioinformatics, Mathematics,依托同济大学建设上海自主智能无人系统科学中心, Brain Science, 应聘岗位: 青年A岗(聘任为正教授) 青年B岗(聘任为特聘研究员) 副研究员 助理研究员 博士后 岗位职责: 主要围绕中心研究方向及研究规划, Electronics,现面向海内外招聘优秀科研人才,。

(研究方向:智能感知与信息融合 / 自主智能体与人机共融 / 多智能体协同与群体智能 / 类脑学习与机器仿生 / 人工智能法律与治理 / 智能城市、交通、建造、医疗、制造等应用) 岗位待遇: 1. 参照同济大学相关岗位待遇。


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