Known as the most populous democracy, with over one billion people, seventh largest country by area, India is a destination that must be seen at least once in a lifetime. To experience a place full of diversity, a place where one can see and hear something so unique, like never before, a place where your idea of life can completely change, is a dream come true to any devoted traveler.

Once visited, India will leave a mark in your mind and heart, and never disappear. This is the place where everyone can fin something interesting for them. Whether it`s a history, monuments, huge cities, different music, tracking or partying, it`s a place that won`t leave you disappointed for sure. Staying in India will sometimes seem like a challenge. Traveling to India mustn’t include a plan. Everything you need to do is to walk outside, feel the energy of the place and let the current embrace you and take on an adventure that will stay in your memory forever.

indian_visa-450x225Before having such an experience, you should know how to get to India, i.e. how to obtain an Indian visa. The option of visiting an Indian embassy or consulate is always available, but you will lost a lot of time and nerves in order to finally get it. There is, of course, an easier way to get it. Indian Visa Online is the agency that will help you to get the visa in no time. First of all, you need to fill out the online application. Some questions in the application are a little bit confusing, and that can be a problem considering the fact that your approval depends on your answers. This is one of the moments when help from the Indian Visa Online comes handy.

Not everyone can apply online for a visa and that`s why you should first check out whether you belong to the eligible nation or not. You need to have a non-machine readable passport, or you won`t be allowed to enter the country. Eligible or not, you will need to have a regular visa if traveling by land or on a cruise ship.Several factors determine eligibility of the travelers:

• You can travel travel India only for: tourism, visiting friends or family or for medical reasons.

• Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months, otherwise immigration authorities won`t allow you to enter the country.

• You need to have a return or onward ticket and enough money during your time in India.

• Holders of Diplomatic Passport need to apply for regular India visa.

• Pakistani citizens must apply at Indian embassy.

• Travelers must have a separate visa. ˝IndianVisaOnline˝ application must be sent at least 4-5 days before arriving to India, but it`s wise to do it ever earlier. Keep in mind that you will get the best information from the Indian Visa Online agency, because they have a lot of expirience in this business and are trusted name in the industry. Just carefully follow their instructions and you won`t have a problem.