Why I Hug My Mercedes CLS 63 Every Morning

Why I love my mercedes benz parts dealer

Sound like an odd title? Well, I hopefully grabbed you with that “eye catching and engaging headline”. Thank you “Marketing 101 in college”. So, I do love my car though. Mercedes- Style, luxury and performance are the three words I would use to describe my Mercedes Benz CLS 63. Ever since I bought this car, life for me on the road has been nothing but smooth and happy. I don’t mind hugging my Benz in the morning before I begin my busy day. This car simply gives me the motivation to ride to work and start off the day in high spirits. Picture a lowered roof, puckered tail, 19-inch alloy wheels and a curvy dashboard. That’s exactly what my whiplooks like. That’s why I don’t trust buying Mercedes Benz Parts from just anybody.

The sports seats and Alcantara steering wheel in the Benz give me needed control once I hit the tarmac. I am obsessed with classy things and don’t mind a glimpse at the analog clock when driving. The heated front seats are very relaxing.



My car luxury would not be complete without music entertainment. I really enjoy the Command infotainment system that functions with voice commands. I can as well navigate conveniently with buttons mounted on the wheel. Streaming music from my phone to the dashboard is easy with the blue-tooth connectivity.


I understand that car enthusiasts out there like me love high-performing engines. My CLS 63 features a well crafted 5.5-liter V8 engine that is turbocharged and direct-injected for 577 horsepower plus 590 lb-ft of torque. This engine is capable of sending the Benz from 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds and to a top speed of 186 mph that is electronically controlled. There are many car dealerships that sell genuine Mercedes engines that you can consider if your Benz has not been performing to your expectation. In addition to the powerful engine, the CLS 63 includes an adaptive suspension featuring self-leveling rear springs and high-performance brakes.


I highly value safety whenever driving and I appreciate Mercedes Benz for the effort they have put on that side in all their cars. To be specific, my Mercedes CLS 63 has multiple safety features that give me confident when driving even on the busiest of roads. To begin with, ABS and ESP stability control are essentials I admire. Like most car owners, I dread of collisions but trust the additional features Mercedes have included in the CLS 63 to reduce the effect of impact. These include a driver’s knee air bag, pelvic air bags and two-stage front air bags for front passenger. To reduce the impact from side collisions, the car includes side air bags and curtain.


A pre-Safe Brake System also helps prevent collisions with other cars or pedestrians. The system detects any obstruction in front of you and automatically applies a braking force to make the crash less severe.


To prevent drowsiness when driving, I ensure that I get enough sleep each day. Drowsiness causes thousands of accidents each year in the U.S. To curb this problem, Mercedes CLS 63 includes an Attention Assist System that can alert the driver when the first signs of drowsiness are noted. The system integrates a steering sensor to high-tech software that uses 70 methods to monitor a driver’s profile in the first 20 minutes of driving. The Attention Assist System can detect the inconsistent steering corrections made by drivers between 50 and 112 mph as they start getting drowsy.


In response, the system will trigger an audible warning followed by a message that reads “Time for a Rest?” Also accompanying the message is a coffee cup icon on the dashboard.


With all these and more features in my Mercedes Benz CLS 63, am glad to have bought it and look forward to giving my sedan more and more hugs in years to come.