Keeping your disclosures above board in Internet marketing

When advertising online, the FTC advertising compliance requires that all the disclosures to the advert be placed in a certain way so that the advert is not deceptive to the consumer or in any way ambiguous. The laws are meant to protect both the consumer and the sellers from unfair advertising campaigns that can cause unfair competition and uninformed choices. Here are some tips to keep your disclosures above board according to the FTC guidelines.

The disclosure should be prominent – this means that it should be easy and quick to identify the disclosure to the product or service being sold. To make the disclosure as prominent as it can be then the words can be made using a different color, made in big size, or by using graphics. To determine whether the disclosure is prominent enough consider all the other aspects of the website and the size of the ad itself. The disclosure can also be in such a way that it is easily recognizable with the claim that has been made. For instance they could be made in the same color and font different to the other text in the ad, on the website or the auction site.

The disclosure should be placed close to the claim – the disclosure is most effective when it is placed close to the claim that the advert makes. This is because when it is close, then the people can be able to see it with ease and relate it to the claim the advert makes. If not placed next to the claim, then it should at least be on the same page of the screen as the claim. If this also is not possible then the disclosure can be attached to a hyperlink just next or on the claim being made. The hyperlink should be easily recognizable and should take the customer directly to the disclosure. A good disclosure should avoid the customer having to scroll down and if this is the case, the scrolling should be made easy and highly recognizable. The disclosure should also be prior to the purchase such that one cannot purchase before seeing it so that they make a solid decision.

Repetition of the disclosure – sometimes it could be required that the disclosure is repeated several times in the advert. The disclosures should be repeated every time another claim is made. Besides that the disclosure should be repeated when the advert or the website is lengthy as people might not be reading every text on the website word for word. It could therefore be necessary to repeat the disclosure several times in the advert.

Distractions – avoid distractions in the ad that could take the attentions of the customer away from the disclosure. Graphics like flashing images and moving texts could take the attention of the customer from the advert. Ensure that the ad is not very graphic to take the attention of the customer from the disclosure.

With these federal trade commission or FTC internet compliance guidelines you can keep your disclosures aboveboard and hence have a good advertising campaign.