Laughter Is Like A Hug For Your Soul- Comedians Provide Levity

Kids Love To Laugh

Working With Comedians To Support Worthy Causes


Many organizations work around the world on a variety of initiatives that support the needy in societies. Most of the times they need financial or physical resources that can help the poor in communities. There are places where humanitarian organizations need to support refugees which demands a lot of cooperation efforts with other organizations to meet diverse needs. Global cooperation of organizations that support related causes has always been important in order to make even greater impacts. Nowadays, most of these organizations are increasingly using quality comedy to improve mood in the business meetings. It’s a strategy that has proven to be effective in most cases and most comedians are happy to be involved in various initiatives to support other people’s needs.


When you need organizations working together on a global scale to address a myriad of challenges, there are good reasons why you must use comedy to realize most of the objectives. It is important to understand that comedy is like a universal comedy that transcends all cultures and brings people together. Different organizations definitely want to take advantage of that. Communications are vital for all organizations that want to create awareness programs on issues to win support from people that can help. Comedy in nature is about communications and therefore it can help organizations to effectively communicate their ideas to get support on all worthy causes they pursue for humanity. Comedy makes you laugh, but behind the laughter powerful messages are conveyed to the targeted audience. So for organizations to work with comedians is a very brilliant idea if they want to realize their goals much faster than they would working on their own.


There are diverse issues globally that bring organizations together to find ways of addressing them more effectively. Different organizations can play different roles, some finding ways mobilizing the resources needed, others doing the distribution, providing legal framework support and so on. Governance, law, education, health, environment and many other sectors have issues that require their own kinds of initiatives. In almost every part of the world there are unique issues in all these areas. Organizations can therefore come together to cooperate at different levels, sometimes globally and at other times locally. Since comedy makes people laugh everywhere, organizations should even use it more often to draw the attention of their targeted audiences on important issues that require collective support to address.


Comedians are experts in communication, and have their own areas of interests where they can do even better. Organizations that plan to work with them should be able to identify which comedian could be of more help depending on their target audience and goals. For instance, on climate change initiatives where awareness depends on conveying messages based on sound scientific explanations, it is important to work with a comedian that is more conversant with such issues. If you are working on initiatives targeting families and Christian groups, you need to involve clean comedians, Christian comedians or other professional comedians that have proven to identify well with such audiences. Most organizations look for good comedians such those in LOL agency and have been able to realize their goals working with them on their initiatives.