Put Your Home In A Bear Hug With A Home Security System


The 2015 State of the Smart Home Report states that lately, there is a growing trend of people installing home security automation systems for the coolness factor. There is a danger when this is the kind of thinking digital customers are adapting. The main consideration for a security system should be security and safety. The coolness factor can be taken up later.

The problem with prioritizing the gadget that makes the house look good is that the homeowner will no longer focus on how best to put up a safe system. Say in the case of security cameras, if we just want to be cool, we could place the cameras where everybody can see it. Security cameras should be hidden, and should be installed in places that would show covert entryways from outside the house.

In the country, burglaries happen every 14 seconds, the report stated. About 56% of burglaries indicate that the thieves passed through the front and back doors. That’s too easy. That only means half of the population are still not being careful with their homes. Good thing home security systems have automated door locks. This is part of what constitutes a smart home.

You can have an automated door lock installed in the house. And while you are sitting on your office chair, you can check whether the last person in the house was able to lock the doors of the house. If not, no sweat: you can lock it yourself. Through your remote control system—also known as the gateway—installed either in your phone or in a separate gadget, you may lock the door.

If that’s not enough, the security cameras can record footage of possible intruders when a movement is detected. Through sensors in the home automation system, the homeowner will be prompted if there’s unwanted activity at home. This way, you don’t have to check every few minutes if there is an intruder in the house. You will be informed if there is. And through the system, you may ask the police for immediate help.

While people who want a home security system because it’s cool are increasing, the number one reason why people have the system installed is still for security purposes. According to the State of the Smart Home Report, 79% of those who invest on the system are millennials. Close to 80% of those who have the system installed are parents.

When these parents are asked why they want the system installed, a good chunk of them would say that they want to monitor the activities of their children. Those who have toddlers would want to make sure their children are safe, and that nannies are not maltreating them. Those who have teenagers want to make sure their children are not organizing unwanted parties in the house. Those who have teenage daughters want to know who they are hanging out with.

But for parents, a home security system goes beyond keeping tabs on children for monitoring purposes. Parents just want to make sure their children are safe. An automated home security system is currently the best security for homes. It’s actually cheaper than hiring security men because you just need to invest on a one-time instalment. The returns are greater and in the end, you will realize that you are actually saving more than what you’ve actually spent on a system.

The best part: peace of mind. Now that is priceless.