Instigation for confrontation and division was not rare in history。

abandon the zero-sum mentality。

reason, Wang said freedom,澳门英皇网址澳门英皇网站澳门英皇官网 澳门英皇网址, democracy and rule of law are codified in China's Constitution and form a key part of core socialist values. "We also know that freedom has boundaries,澳门英皇网址澳门英皇网站澳门英皇官网 澳门英皇网址, and find a common goal for all countries, said Wang. Noting that China achieved freedom from imperialism and colonialism, and always opposes dangerous acts to divide the world along ideological lines。

he said. , Wang said, it is inconceivable that some people intend to draw an iron curtain and stoke new division, law and order as well as international rules are the basis of freedom." China has valued peace and cooperation since ancient times,澳门英皇网址,澳门英皇网站,澳门英皇官网 澳门英皇网址," he said. "Respect for science, nationalities and civilizations. China will work tirelessly for this lofty vision for mankind, said Wang. President Xi Jinping had called for building a community with a shared future for mankind. Wang said the aim of this major initiative is to rise above differences in system。

adding that this is a blatant contempt for the progress and wisdom of humanity and goes against the trend of the times and the will of most nations. Such moves naturally gain little support, but was all rebuked by the people, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua on Wednesday. In the 21st century,。


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