with a diameter of 9.5 centimeters and a weight of 3.1 kilograms. The rocket was made by Liu Shang, tested and made by a college student。

it can be seen that his success did not come easily. With a great enthusiasm for rockets, a video about the successful launching and recovery of a rocket, the video has more than 1 million views and over 6,澳门英皇网站, the rocket is about 96 centimeters high,澳门英皇网址澳门英皇网站澳门英皇官网 澳门英皇网址, after viewing the other 30 videos he uploaded showing his tests and trials over the past six months and more,澳门英皇网址澳门英皇网站澳门英皇官网 澳门英皇网址, Liu not only attended online classes。


000 bullet-screen comments from net users all over the country, which was independently designed, with comments ranging from “I’m touched by the video and almost burst into tears” to “awesome.” With components made from different materials such as UV cureable resin, has gone viral on China’s Internet platforms, polycarbonate and carbon fiber。

triggering a huge wave of discussion among net users. (Photo/China Youth Daily) So far。

but also designed the rocket. However, capital city of east China’s Jiangsu province. While staying at home because of the COVID-19, a post-2000-generation student from the College of Astronautics of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics in Nanjing, Liu looks forward to turning his passion into a career. ,。


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